$30 Bi-Fold Door Transformation


I love the clean look of bright white walls, but when it came to the white bi-fold closet door hiding away our water softener, I felt like something was really missing. I found a super idea from One Kings Lane to add ceiling medallions around the door pulls for extra pizzazz. I ordered two 11 3/4″ Blackthorn Ceiling Medallions  and used a construction adhesive  to stick them to the center panels of my uninspired bi-fold doors.


To find where to center my medallions, I measured half the diameter of the medallion in four directions using a level. I marked four points like on a compass rose. (Think 5 7/8″ north, south, east and west).

Using a zig-zag pattern, I applied the adhesive on the back of the first medallion and centered the medallion between my four drawn-on points.

Then, to make sure my two medallions would be level with one another, I double checked my second measurements with a level. My two doors are slightly askew by about 1/8″, so I split the difference and moved the medallion on the right 1/16″ lower to try and make the difference less noticeable.

I taped up the medallions because they were shifting slightly. Then, after the adhesive dried, I caulked around the outer rim of both circles. (Be sure the caulk you use is paintable).


After about 30 minutes, I got to painting this really great turquoise color called Mirador . The tutorial for adding trim to the darker teal door can be found here.


I found the sparkly turquoise door pulls for the center of the medallions. I’m loving how the bright doors contrast with the neutral wall color nearby and really help to complete the space. My precious daughter, Sloane, really loves them, too. (She gets her curly hair from her daddy– I’m so jealous).


The entire room appears so much more vibrant and cheerful. Originally, I thought that any color other than white would darken the room, but I think these small pops of color are doing so much for the space.

My next DIY adventure awaits as I attempt to create stained chevron shutters! See you soon!




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